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Aldeburgh Beach

Over the years Aldeburgh has emerged as a classical concert venue with occasional productions on the beach itself. In this painting, the wide skies and the empty beach grant feelings of peace and tranquillity. You can imagine a family picnic, children paddling and the fishing boats out at sea. Further up the beach is a hut selling fresh fish and the odd boat pulled up the shore.

John Sutton is a well known East Anglian landscape and marine painter who lives in North Norfolk, England.

A graduate of Norwich and Brighton art schools, John originally started painting the rurality and simple beauty of Norfolk’s Broadlands. He later matured into maritime scenes, before taking an interest in Edwardian London.

Today, John typically focuses on commissions with subjects ranging from North Norfolk, Suffolk as well as the south coast.

Living and painting in Norfolk, John’s life is in harmony with the ebb and flow of the tides and weather. Based in Blakeney for the last 30 years his work reflects the wide skies, changing cloud formations and dynamic sea scapes.

Holkham Beach is one such painting. This stretch of the coast is a wonderful panoramic view from Burnham in the west to Wells further east. Wide skies windswept beaches empty and natural with the dunes and pathways interwoven with pine tree headlands makes a unique vista. A place for families to play and picnic in the dunes.

Blakeney Quay

The early morning light is the best time to appreciate the vista of natural beauty. This little port on the North Norfolk coast plays host to sailors, children playing in the sand, and the Juno barge: a modern vessel built to a traditional design. Ever changing skies and the ebb and flow of the tides, are forever present in this charming environment.

Durban Sea Front, South Africa

In February 2016 John made a long awaited trip to Durban, South Africa to visit his sister-in-law and spent many hours enjoying the sunshine, views and ambiance of the beach front, culminating in this commission.